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Along Came Laurie - Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Georgie Tatnell. I've been wanting to do this for so long! So I'm going to dive straight in and let you know what you can expect.

Fashion & Beauty
I will feature posts about fashion, things I like, where I got them, how to style them and get the most out of the things you buy. I think we all have a responsibly to the planet to not buy clothes mindlessly. We can all enjoy fashion, but I want to focus more on making the right choices rather than making on trend items 'must haves'. Focusing on a staple wardrobe made up of pieces that will last you years and you can rotate to create different looks. I will add links to my posts to make it easy for you buy things that you like. Some of the links I will feature will be affiliate links. My first post about fashion is going to be Your Autumn/Winter Staple Wardrobe which will be up next Wednesday. 

When it comes to beauty, I love products and I love make-up - I'm no expert, but I love trying new things! I will share the things I love and I use and talk about my skin-type and what make up to use to suit your colouring.

There aren't many things in this World that bring me more joy than cooking a meal from scratch. I love making new things each week and will share my recipes with pictures, ingredients lists and methods.  I read a quote recently which applies here "You have to be willing to be bad at it in order to get good at it.". The more you cook, the better you'll be. When I first started cooking I'd text my mum for the step-by-step method as I was cooking, she's an amazing cook, but the more I did it - the better I got. I only occasionally have to ask her things now. Right, Mum?

Travel & Dining 
We have been lucky enough to travel to some wonderful places including Hong Kong, America & Switzerland. We also like to explore the UK, there are so many amazing places to visit here. I will share little travel reports to places we go, where to stay, where to eat, what to do and what to avoid.

As you've probably gathered from my love of cooking, I'm a huge foodie. I love everything about food and love to try as many different types of cuisine as possible. We don't eat out all the time, but when we do try a new place, I'll pop a review on with recommendations and pictures.

Last but not least! I'm a mum to three boys! Here I will be sharing anything and everything to do with my favourite humans. Kids fashion, mum hacks, things to do with children, surviving and probably some posts about coffee...
Finally, to celebrate the launch of my blog, I am giving you the chance one of these Moon Cosmetics bags from Azurina Store with personalisation, to win, please click this link and follow the steps to enter! Good luck!
These are the topics I will mainly be covering! Thank you for reading my first post, I hope you enjoy my content! I'd also like to thank all the lovely people I've met through Instagram who have been so kind and supportive of me.
Please feel free to ask me anything via the comments section or the contact form.
Lots of love
Georgie x


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